COVID-19 Update

Updated March 18, 2020 – 4:30pm

On Monday, March 16, President Trump recommended the cancellation of all group meetings larger than 10 people. This effectively changes the way we meet and worship together on Sundays for the next few weeks. While others believe this is an attack toward Christianity and are choosing to not follow these guidelines, we believe that this is a setup. We’re seeing churches, including ours, be pushed into extending the message of the Gospel in a greater capacity in the online space. We also know that the Church isn’t the weekend meetings that have mis-defined us for so long but it’s the people that follow Christ. “Doing church” isn’t meeting to worship on Sunday mornings, although that is an aspect, but it is being in each other’s life to uplift and encourage each other toward Christ. It’s ministering to those who don’t know God outside of our four walls.

With that being said, VC2 is choosing to honor our government’s request and those in authority over us by adhering to the guidelines that have been stated for our protection. As per our previously released “plan”, we will be moving to online-only services for the next few weeks until it’s recommended that we can meet together in person again. Beginning this Sunday, we will stream a living-room style service to our Facebook Page ( and YouTube channel ( at 9:30am. We encourage you to be online during that time and connect with us and others in the comments.

In addition to our in-person services being cancelled, any weekly events, classes and meetings will also be canceled. We encourage those with small groups to not meet in person but to use online mediums such as FaceBook Messenger, Skype, FaceTime, or other digital technology to meet and grow together.

We’re believing that, just like in previous natural disasters, our communities would remain safe and guarded from all sickness and that through this, we would find new growth and reliance in Christ and that our communities will be better for it. 

We love you all and we are in this together. Jesus is still ruling and reigning; this did not catch Him off guard! We will continue to lift Him up in the midst of this chaos and look to Him for His plan to extend His Kingdom in these days!

– Pastors Chad & Melinda and the VC2 Staff

The following posted March 13, 2020

Our hearts are breaking for our world and nation during this time and we wanted to communicate the church’s plans to prepare and also to limit our exposure to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) as well as give clear direction on where to find our communication and what to do in the event of service closure.

We understand that this is an unsettling time. It’s important for everyone to remain calm. We are not making changes because we are afraid, we are making changes to better limit our guests exposure to potential viral threats. It is important for us to follow the guidelines of both our state and local governments in the event of an outbreak nearby.

General Thoughts

First and foremost we care greatly for all members and guests of VC2. We are committed to the health and wellness of our people. We have always practiced the sanitization of all touchable surfaces and we make available hand sanitizer for everyone to be practicing good hygiene. A few things to keep in mind:

  • Our messages are posted online weekly. If you stay home because you or a family member are ill, you can stay connected by watching online at
  • Text-2-give or online giving – you can continue to support the church and release your tithes and offerings by either giving online at or using our safe and convenient Text-2-give by texting any amount to 84321.
  • Social media is a great way to stay connected with prayer requests through our Facebook page and facebook group (

Sunday Services

During our weekly services you may see some small but significant changes to basic operations. Many of these are not a reaction but changes to properly prepare for potential Coronavirus issues. We don’t want to wait until something happens to make adjustments, we want to be ready to go!

  • Greeting times will continue but please use wisdom and refrain from shaking hands.
  • VC2 Kids already carries out weekly sanitization of all touched surfaces – this will continue. Workers are already cautious and use gloves when handling snacks, performing, diaper changes, etc. and practicing regular hand washing.
  • Unfortunately, coffee in the VC2 Commons area will be placed on hiatus! We are so sad as we know this is part of many of our morning routines. But the safety and health of our church is a greater priority!
  • Currently, the state government recommends limiting large-group meetings. With that said, we are still encouraging Grow Groups to meet. During this season, we believe Grow Groups will continue to be the life-blood of our church. If you are not currently involved in a Grow Group, visit to see current groups. Or, if you’re interested in starting a Grow Group, please contact our office at

Keeping it 100!

We want to continue to provide top notch services and care for our church. We ask that during this season despite the fears and possible discouragement that those of us who are able continue to volunteer and continue to attend services. During times like this many people will look to the church as a place of safety and comfort – let’s continue to be that place!

If Sunday Service Is Canceled

Our current plan is to follow the guidelines of our state and local government regarding closure of services due to any Coronavirus issues – this protocol may change – we will do our best to diligently communicate. In the event that we make a decision to postpone services we will be making the following available.

  1. Sunday Services will be live on Facebook at 9:30AM and then posted afterwards.
  2. Weekly events, classes and meetings will also be canceled in the event of a Sunday Morning service closure.
  3. Our website will be updated regularly with information regarding any closures and the approximate time frame based upon recommendations from our state and local governments.
  4. Our staff and volunteers will be encouraged to work from home in the event of closure of our buildings. Our voicemail will be checked regularly – the best way to get ahold of us during this time would be through our Facebook page or email

If a positive Coronavirus test is found

If you or a family member test positive for the Coronavirus and have recently attended a church service or meeting we ask that you contact VC2 as soon as possible at our phone number 478-357-5193. We want to be able to notify any people who may be affected by exposure as quickly as we can so they can take the appropriate actions to care for themselves and their family.

In the event a person who has attended a Service and or meeting tests positive for the presence of Coronavirus we will update those potentially affected. This will be done through a combination of direct phone calls, texts and or social media updates. We will not publicly disclose names of any individuals, just simply that someone tested positive and what everyone should do next.

Final Thoughts

Even though our world has changed, the power of God has not changed. The truth of Scripture has not changed. The hope of Jesus has not changed. Our mission as a church has not changed. Let us not give in to fear. Rather, let’s fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

– VC2 Staff

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David H. Fulmer III

Thank you, pastors, for such a thorough and thoughtful message. Your concern is appreciated.

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