Word For 2019

2019 will be a year of building upon a foundation that has been laid. 2018 was a year of dealing with some things in the foundation of many people’s hearts. Many feel they have failed, but the fact that you are alive and still remain proves that you have not failed. You did not give up and you did not quit, even though many times you wanted to. Many have been tested and tried by circumstances, by past situations, by desires that you actually thought were gone, and though some feel they have failed the test, you are still here, not choosing to walk away to pursue the things that tried to allure you away. Father God has been at work in us, through and by His Word that never fails, completing the work that He started.

2019 is an all systems go kind of year. It is time to build on the foundation laid. I know that it may seem disappointing to think that we are just starting to build spiritually but the foundation is so very important in the building process, and once it is solid, the building can happen quickly.

Miracles, signs and wonders! 2019 will be filled with miraculous events. If we will take the time to seek the Lord, He will manifest Himself in amazing ways in our lives. I see minds being blown away by the ways God will manifest Himself. 2019: we are alive, now time to thrive!

The spirit of fear and anxiety that tormented us in 2018, trying to convince many that they were insane, is defeated and it will be made clear the victory we have won over him – actually, the spirit of insanity is what warred very much against the body of Christ in 2018 – and now his defeat will be made clear. Yes, he was defeated at the cross but now we have enforced his defeat and reminded him who is Lord and who we are in the Lord! Now we will rise with a renewed faith; faith like we have never walked in before. This is the reward we have won: the spoils of battle for not giving up and walking in the victory that our God has already won for us. This is occupying. This is establishing Father’s Kingdom. This is extending His Kingdom! This is victory.

Did we make mistakes? Yes! Is there mercy and grace? Yes! Don’t let anything that has happened tie you to the past. Grace is extended for us to move on! Minds are being made up and double-mindedness is being laid to rest. We will be single-focused on the will, purpose and passion of the Lord. Fear has found footing in double-mindedness and has tried to destroy faith. But faith is rising in our hearts now as we turn our eyes away from lies and onto Truth! He who is altogether lovely will once again capture out hearts and attention.

The Lion is roaring over us and we will respond. I see the echo of the roar of the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, the echo of heaven, like a mighty rushing wind, filling the earth and baptizing men with courage, with faith, and with boldness to move forward. I hear those roars, the one from heaven, and the echo from earth, aligning and becoming very loud in the earth!

2019: Fear dies and faith thrives!

Creativity is a buzz word for 2019. God will reveal more of His creative power through creative miracles and it will be the year for the Creatives. Creativity will be honored as what it is, a gift from God!

– Chad Waller

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