We are real people meeting real needs with the reality of Christ.

We weren’t created to go through life alone. That’s why we’re building a community of authentic believers who can grow through life together.

Now I know with God on my side I can do anything through Christ.



We are real people meeting real needs with the reality of Christ.

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Living Free: Offense Against Offense

Offended people are unreasonable, impossible to communicate with and have their vision impaired by their offense. It becomes the lens through which they see all things. Offense flings open wide the door to deception! Seeds of offense grow roots of bitterness. No one becomes bitter all of a sudden. But the more you wallow in offense and live your life replaying the harms against you, the deeper you go into the offense and the deeper the roots of bitterness go in your heart. Striving for peace isn’t always an easy task, but is made much more so by a true revelation of the grace of God!